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Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Cara and I am not a farmer, just his wife. I am, however, the creator of all things bloggy and paperwork related, so any posts you read here will most probably be written in my farming-is-lost-on-me prose.

If you have a serious question about something that requires acutal knowledge of a tomato seed from a squash one, please, I implore you - email Jeremiah!

With that said, enjoy our blog and please try not to giggle too much at my expense.

All Purple Thumbs,

The Farmer's Wife

Friday, April 9, 2010

The Beginning

Vision - This is something designing a farm takes. I, the predomnant writer of this blog, do not have it. This picture? Snow and ice and dead grass...that's what I see. And that is why I will be writing the blog, uploading pictures, and designing the newsletters for Little Village Farm.

My name is Cara, otherwise known as 'the farmer's wife'.
This is 'the farmer'.

And this is his vision! Big enough for ya? If you play "Where's Farmer Jer" with a careful eye you can spot him picking rocks.

Jeremiah has always wanted to farm. Watching him ride down twenty mile stream last week perched atop the tractor, a wide smile trailing from cheek to cheek made clear; his life long dream is finally happening.

The starter seeds are planted.

And they are growing!

And so is Little Village Farm! Every day finds another family excited about purchasing a share of the the 2010 crop! If you would like more information about joining, please email Jer!
Hoping to grow with you this summer!

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