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Monday, April 12, 2010

A Man and His Tractor

"I saw him coming down the hill on that tractor the other day", a local friend reported. "He was grinning ear to ear! I don't think he could have peeled it off if he tried."
Ok, maybe this isn't every man and his tractor, but is is mine*. Just Look at him!
I swear, I can just see a sense of calm descend over him when he's slowly checkerboarding that back field. The field, by the way, is just a start. A half-acre earmarked to feed 20 families, but this will grow for it has been in his mind since he was a boy.
Neither of us have any doubts that five years from now we'll be sipping a hot cup of coffee on the back deck looking out at a far larger plot, reminising about how it all began with a 'mere half-acre'. That said, it looks pretty dang big to me, from a non-weeder's perspective that is.
Good thing our kids seem to be farmer's daughters! In fact, here's Caroline volunteering her small, but essential, box of compost to the cause. Just wait till you see her kickin' coveralls!

*In full diclosure - it is a borrowed tractor...but still.

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